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I'm so sorry to tell you that the comic I'm working on still isn't finished. -_- Everytime I began to draw some sketchs I had an idea for another picture and so on. That's why I'm still busy to get the Avatar Comic ready for uploading!

My friends and favorite artists ^^

maruhanabachi ♥ | Claw-Ravenscroft | Blu-Winters | Irrel

.... not that much, but I hold them dear!
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Yeah, I love the series "Avatar - The last airbender", so I thought about a little Avatar Comic. I'll post it as soon as I'm finished with it. Hope you'll like it.

So come back during the next days, it should be online then!

O.o blackSweetness
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Thank you for all the great comments! I'm really happy! I never thought that I will get this much comments or that some of my pictures will become your favorites! Today I'm going to answer to all your questions ... I promise ... and I'll write you back and make a visit to your galleries!


And if you'll use one of my pictures, drawings or photos, it would be really nice, if you link me and place a comment so that I'll know where my arts are! ^_^
Hi, I'm from Germany, so don't wonder if my English isn't that good! So, what should I write now? I like drawing, painting, writing and I like to read books, especially when they are about legends or phantastical creatures! And now feel free to ask me whatever you want! ^.^